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An ancient tune

Digital illustration


A triptych inspired by the song Nigun Atik (Nathan Alterman).


The work presents a romantic relationship in which the motif of jealousy occupies more and more space. From a normative place you arrive at the fire.

If you fall in the night of your tears,
I was happy for you,

I will burn like a bundle of hay.
If the source of your bones floats,
I will stumble and lie down on a stone.

If you tell a dance to come down,
I will play you on the last of my strings.
If you miss a birthday present,
I will give you my life and my death.

And if you crave bread or wine,
I will leave the house bent over
And I will sell the eyes of the two
And I will bring you both wine and bread.

But if you ever laugh
Exclusively at the Meraich party,
Get over my silent jealousy
and burn your house down on you.

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