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  Life in exile // black fabrics, golden thread

Israeli Tiles

Mixed media
In 1957 my great-grandfather Fayvel, founded a tile factory in the city of Bney Brak.

The terrazzo tiles created in the factory paved the family's homes over the years. 
The project presents the process of disassembling and assembling points in the family story.

Points that can connect and actually represent the Israeli ethos-
Life in exile, the period of austerity, work in the orchard,
the youth movement, the army, bereavement and remembrance.

the period of austerity // Bread, peels of
orange and onion

work in the orchard // orange peels, branches, 
leaves, Tears of orange wrappers

the youth movement // blue shirts and red lace 
HaNoar HaOved uniform)

The army // IDF uniform, paratrooper beret,
shoe laces

bereavement and remembrance // Memorial Candle wax 
and wrappers, burned matches

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